Strategic Accounts Director, Americas,
“The art of feedback is constantly being perfected ”
Vidhan joined Jumio in 2018 and works from Jumio's Palo Alto office. Since Vidhan has done this interview, he progressed in his role and is now working as Strategic Accounts Director.
Q: What do you do at Jumio and what does that involve?

A: I’m an Account Executive, Americas so I’m engaging with prospective customers to sell Jumio technology. This involves Interacting with people or companies who are doing extremely cool things at a very fast pace – Expanding their growth utilizing Jumio’s technology.

Q: What was Jumio’s selling point for you – What made you say “I wanna work there!”?

A: To be honest, all cards on the table, I didn’t know what I was getting into at Jumio. I was laid off from my previous role and took about 3 months off prior to coming to Jumio. I had an idea of what Jumio does, but I didn’t know what I was going to be blessed with as far as an opportunity. After a few days at Jumio, I was astounded in so many ways possible – exceeded my expectations in every possible way.

Q: How does your work environment differ from other companies you’ve worked for in the past?

A: Collaboration and team synergy is something that is unmatched at Jumio.
When I come in to work, every single day is different. I get to work with interesting people that are passionate about their role and job – both internally and customers – trust and safety is at the forefront.

Q: What’s the best thing you’ve done since joining Jumio?

A: I’m most proud of having been able to influence the product roadmap. I never in a million years would have thought I would have the opportunity to change the direction of where Jumio is headed and influence the future!

Q: What do most people get wrong about the role?

A: I get to work with multiple and disparate organizations across Jumio – Product, Marketing, Finance, Legal, Operations, Engineering – together we are collaborators and how we fit into the big picture is hard to find in every role.

Q: What didn’t you expect about the role ?

A: Having come from a negative environment at my previous role, I didn’t expect to have such an open, collaborative team environment. At Jumio, we set goals, and in turn, Jumio asks individuals what they can do to enable them to hit their goals.

The art of feedback is constantly being perfected.

Q: What would you say to potential employees wanting to work at Jumio? What qualities should they have?
  1. Hunger for more – hold higher standards for yourself.
  2. Really take to heart the concept of teamwork. Key success and components at Jumio is trusting my co-workers.
  3. Be transparent – don’t sugarcoat – take your emotion out of it and be as direct as possible.