SecOps Engineer,
“This was something I never expected and never experienced at my previous employers.”
Siddharth joined as SecOps Engineer earlier in 2020 in Jumio's office in Bengaluru.
Q: What do you do at Jumio?

A: I am working as Security Operations Engineer and my role is to keep Jumio secure from internal and external threats. I am taking care of Penetration Testing (Web/Mobile/Network), Cloud Security and much more.

Q: What was Jumio’s selling point for you – What made you say “I wanna work there!”?

A: Mainly, it was vision towards Information Security driven by Miles Hutchinson (Jumio’s Global Chief Information Security Officer). Moreover, I liked the way the interviews were conducted – transparency, communication and the feedback provided after. A person as busy as a CISO following up with you wanting to know about your interview experience and also to answer any questions and resolving doubts.

This was something I never expected and never experienced at my previous employers.

Q: How does your work environment differ from other more “traditional” companies you’ve worked for in the past?

A: I have worked for big MNCs (Multi National Companies) and unicorns before joining but Jumio has core beliefs and values which really resonated with me. For me, it is always about solving problems and at Jumio, we are constantly trying to solve complex InfoSec challenges.

Q: What are the most interesting / fun bits of the role?

A: I get the opportunity to implement security in the whole SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) like Application Security, Cloud Security, DevSecOps, Container Security and much more.

Q: What do most people get wrong / misunderstand / not appreciate about the role?

A: I believe that at first, developers/DevOps/IT folks think that SecOps Engineers are finding fault in their work by finding security issues. In my experience, later on, as we start working together they understand that we just want to help them build secure products and overall aim to keep Jumio secure.

Q: What would you say to potential employees wanting to work at Jumio? What qualities should they have?

A: I believe everyone should have a purpose – what, when and how they want to work. For me, I saw this purpose being fulfilled here. I believe in learning to learn, to commit, to make mistakes and to do something awesome!

Q: What’s the secret to being good at your job?

A: Firstly, it would be keeping yourself updated with latest technologies. Currently, new technologies – different versions, latest exploits – are launched every minute. Making sure you are aware of it and know how to keep it secure is very important. Secondly, I believe it would be giving back to the community. That can be in the form of blogging, presenting at conferences or similar.

The main point is making sure everyone is learning along with you.