Product Designer,
“In the five months that I’ve been at Jumio, I have learned more than I did for the last 8 years.”
Darina joined Jumio as a product designer in August 2022. She is responsible for UI/UX of Core IDV products.
Q: What do you do at Jumio and what does that involve?

I work as a product designer and I’m responsible for UI/UX of our core products. It involves the mobile SDK, web client and all products related to Jumio’s core business. Working on several projects at Jumio, I collaborate with engineering teams and stakeholders to get feedback and opinions.

Q: What was Jumio’s selling point for you? What made you say “I wanna work there!”?

During the course of recruiting I had a chance to meet basically everyone from the EMEA and UX team and I liked everyone, especially the UX team. It felt like a team I would like to be part of.

I consider myself extremely lucky to work at this very moment for Jumio with these people.

Q: Before Jumio, did you have similar experiences at previous companies or was this fairly new to you when you started?

In regards to belonging to a family outside of one’s family, before Jumio I never felt that way. I’ve been living in a foreign country for 8.5 years, but before Jumio no other company gave me that cozy feeling of belonging. No other company gave me the chance to fit in that quickly.

Additionally before Jumio, I had never been supervised by a leader I could learn that much from, someone like Nicole (VP of product design) who is inspiring, gives knowledge constantly and at the same time cares for others.

Q: How does your work environment differ from other companies you’ve worked for in the past?

In Jumio we have a pretty cool culture, which makes the work environment very welcoming. As I collaborate with different teams, the team spirit is very strong here. It feels like Jumio puts more trust in their employees given that we have the chance to work hybrid or from home.

Q: What are the most interesting / fun bits of the role?

Everything about my role is interesting so far. I love that I am constantly being challenged to think of solutions which must be applicable for multiple platforms.

Q: What’s the best thing you’ve done since joining Jumio?

Getting people from different teams to sit together and communicate with each other about their team’s needs.

Q What do most people get wrong about the role?

I think there is a misconception that designers have an unlimited capacity, especially when we are always outnumbered and we are covering simultaneously for several teams and projects.

Q. What’s the secret to being good at your job?

Patience and empathy, but also setting the right amount of boundaries. Not taking feedback personally. We are all on the same side, want to succeed and achieve progress together. And to be good at my job, I try to provide to everyone a good experience no matter whether they are potential customers, existing users but also to engineers, and every colleague I work with.

Q: How do you know when things are going really well?

From the feedback that I constantly receive from engineering teams, stakeholders, product owners, my leadership and my team.

Q: What challenges did you face and what did you learn from that?

There are a lot of challenges for me. When I started mobile SDK and web client we had a different UX and did not share similar UIs, their design systems were inconsistent. It’s a really awesome challenge to unify them and work on improving their UX simultaneously.

Q: How have you been able to progress your career or learn new things at Jumio?

In the five months that I’ve been at Jumio, I have learned more than I did for the last 8 years. I appreciate a lot that the onboarding process in Jumio is very accurate and well-thought out. I was given every possible opportunity to learn and adapt.