Senior Solution Engineer RFP,
“Jumio for me in my area is a cooperative process where we all strive to reach a goal, which gives me a sense of security and confidence because I trust others and I trust myself.”
Brien joined Jumio in October 2020, and is a Senior Solution Engineer RFP in Colombia.
Q: What do you do at Jumio?

I am responsible for making sure we respond to customers’ tenders and RFPs quickly and accurately. Jumio is involved in lots of tender processes in order to sell our products worldwide.

Q: What does that involve?

This is integrated into the sales process and we’re responsible for coordinating the flow of technical, commercial, financial and legal information from Jumio to the customer. It takes the burden off the salesperson so they don’t have to spend time answering queries that can involve a lot of internal discussions and collaboration. If we don’t answer tenders accurately and quickly we aren’t part of the short-list or negotiation with the customer so it’s an important part of the process.

Q: What was Jumio’s selling point for you? What made you say “I wanna work there!”?

Several points really. The first point was when the People & Culture and Customer Success teams showed me what the company does, what the role involves and how we impact customers.

And the second moment was before I reached my first anniversary at Jumio when I realized that the work I do has a really positive impact on the processes that the company manages and that Jumio has a positive impact on the lives of our customers. I feel that what Jumio does in the world has a positive value.

Q: Before Jumio, did you have similar experiences at previous companies or was this fairly new to you when you started?

This is new and different for me. Most of the companies I worked for in the past say they focus on the customer and delivering a great service but that wasn’t always the reality. There was no coherence between the marketing message and the internal culture. At Jumio you can see the coherence between what it projects, says and does. The culture is sincere, it focuses a lot on the employees and genuinely tries to make sure the customers feel good with the product, employees and the results they’re getting. The work of the employees here is also of a higher quality.

Q: How does your work environment differ from other companies you’ve worked for in the past?

Cooperativism instead of competitiveness. Jumio for me in my area is a cooperative process where we all strive to reach a goal, which gives me a sense of security and confidence because I trust others and I trust myself. In other companies the focus is more on the competitiveness between colleagues — what matters is the objective of the company and that’s it.

Q: What are the most interesting / fun bits of the role?

Jumio offers a multi-cultural and multi-technical environment. I am in a global environment on a personal level and on a technical level I am in a constantly evolving landscape which makes life interesting.

Q: What’s the best thing you’ve done since joining Jumio?

Everything, because for me service is everything. What gives me satisfaction is when the deal is closed and the name of the account in which I participated to achieve that acquisition appears on our customer list.

Q: What do most people get wrong / misunderstand / not appreciate about the role?

My role is mostly done behind the scenes — it’s a facilitating role rather than a front-of-house role so the sales are awarded to the leads of the sales process which is normally an Account Executive or Account Manager. The RFP role is more of a silent helper. We don’t have much direct customer contact, therefore, it will not be obvious externally that we were involved. It is not bad — just sometimes we are invisible to the customer.

Q: What’s the secret to being good at your job?

I think the real secret lies in recognizing that I don’t know everything myself. To be successful and deliver a quality outcome I need to communicate and collaborate with specialists within the business. They can be from many different functions and different countries. You need to be happy to ask questions and absorb new information but I definitely don’t think you can be really successful in this type of role without support from your team and colleagues.

Q: What surprised you most about the role?

I was familiar with the role because in the areas where I worked previously there was transactionality — the person received the document, verified the content and distributed it, nothing more. In Jumio there is more interaction in the creation of the document, and with more interaction you learn and grow more, and most importantly you can achieve interaction with almost all areas of the company.

Q: How do you know when things are going really well?

Three elements:
I am confident in the answers I give, and I am confident in my work because I have had good training.
I believe I have an excellent team and a great leader who guides and corrects me.
The feedback from my main internal customer which is the sales area who always gives me feedback.

Q: How have you been able to progress your career or learn new things at Jumio?

1. Jumio provides continuous training on its products and services.
2.The information is available in the repositories, and anyone can access and read it.
3. Many of the projects and concepts that are part of Jumio can be done for free in courses.

Q: What would you say to potential employees wanting to work at Jumio? What qualities should they have?

Focus on delivering a quality service and reflect your values in the Jumio IDEALS.